Revolutionize your Paper Recycling efforts with superior used paper recycling equipment. Choosing CES means you’re investing in the pinnacle of recycling efficiency. Our extensive inventory of used paper recycling equipment boasts machinery from leading manufacturers such as Balemaster and Selco. From auto-tie balers to vertical and horizontal variants, our offerings are tailored to enhance your paper recycling processes. Dive deep into our collection and find the machinery that guarantees a seamless and environmentally-conscious operation. 

Our unique edge? As an added benefit, our equipment can be delivered as a comprehensive turnkey solution. This encompasses precise installation, a smooth transition with removing your existing machinery (if applicable), and thorough operator training by our expert team. Additionally, consider our superior reconditioning services, expertly handled by our in-house engineers within our specialized facility. Learn more about our full support and services!

Used Balemaster 4250G-8

Balemaster 4250G-8

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