Plant Liquidations

Transform your idle machinery into cash with Capital Equipment Solutions' comprehensive Asset Liquidation Services. Our dedicated team streamlines the sale of your unused machines, making the process easy and free of stress. We masterfully handle everything, from best-in-class equipment rigging and removal to new equipment installation with operator training, and we ensure you get the top value for your no longer used equipment. As your first choice for asset liquidation, we proficiently convert idle machinery into ready cash, paving the way for your next worry-free investment!

We offer a range of services to meet your needs:

Comprehensive Plant Liquidations - As experts in complete plant shutdowns and liquidations, CES guarantees an unrivaled price for your equipment. Recognized as one of the leading machinery relocation companies globally, our distinct advantage lies in our value-added services. We significantly broaden your buyer base by promoting your machinery in a variety of states - as-is, refurbished, or fully reconditioned. Offering these choices, combined with the assurance of a globally recognized organization specializing in seamless equipment relocations, ensures you attract more buyers and ultimately secure a superior return on your assets.

Selective Plant Liquidations - Tailored for scenarios where you wish to retain specific machinery while parting with others. This approach is frequently employed during mergers, acquisitions, or consolidations. CES commits to purchasing and removing any idle machinery, concurrently offering the added service of assisting in the internal relocation of the retained machinery as needed.

Individual Equipment Acquisition - We believe that no project is too grand or too small. We are interested in any printing and packaging equipment you are contemplating selling. Our intent is to cater to all your needs, irrespective of the size or complexity of the project.

Equipment Trade-In - In instances where you've invested in new equipment and the OEM expresses no interest in your old machinery, we step in! CES seamlessly coordinates the removal of your old equipment to coincide with the arrival of your new machine, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Your downtime is our concern, and we are committed to mitigating it.

Discover Our Streamlined Liquidation Process

Initial Consultation

We meet with you to understand your goals and the specifics of the equipment you're planning to sell.

Equipment Assessment

Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your equipment to determine its market value.

Maximizing Returns

We collaborate with you, using our expertise and market insight to ensure you get the maximum return on your equipment.

Hassle-Free Removal and Shipping

After purchase, we can handle the removal and shipping of your equipment, offering a seamless, end-to-end service.

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When you choose Capital Equipment Solutions, you're opting for professionalism and security. We're not just a team entering your premises - we're partners, supported by comprehensive insurance and committed to strict safety protocols. We value your facilities, assets, and personnel, providing peace of mind alongside a dependable asset liquidation service.

Experience the strategic advantage of plant liquidation. Reduce your risks, improve your cash flow, and benefit from our other services such as machinery removals. With Capital Equipment Solutions, your surplus equipment becomes an opportunity waiting to be capitalized on. Trust in Capital Equipment Solutions - where we transform your surplus equipment into opportunities.

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