Choosing Capital Equipment Solutions for your used Packaging Equipment is a step towards achieving extensive cost savings and elevating your production to new heights. We are proud to be a trusted provider of premium late-model packaging machinery from renowned brands like Bobst, Brausse/Eterna, Emmeci, Heiber Schroeder, Crathern, and more!

Explore our wide-ranging inventory and find the perfect Die Cutters, Foil Stampers, Folder Gluers, and more to suit your specific packaging requirements. Whether you want precision, durability, or innovative technology, our used packaging equipment promises exceptional results and outstanding value!

Our unique edge? As an added benefit, our equipment can be delivered as a comprehensive turnkey solution. This encompasses precise installation, a smooth transition with removing your existing machinery (if applicable), and thorough operator training by our expert team. Additionally, consider our superior reconditioning services, expertly handled by our in-house engineers within our specialized facility. Learn more about our full support and services!

Looking for new Rigid Box or Laminating Equipment for sale? As the North American agents for Europrogetti Srl, we are happy to showcase their wide range of versatile, best-in-class rigid box and converting equipment solutions. Check out new Europrogetti listings here. 

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