Zechini Zagor Automatic Hardcover Corner Folding & Rounding Machine

Zechini Zagor Automatic Hardcover Corner Folding & Rounding Machine

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Zechini's Zagor perfectly rounds the corners of already-made hardcovers thanks to its heated blades. The hardcovers can be fed by hand or via an automatic feeder. The Zagor can be connected in line with automatic casemakers, or it can work offline. When the machine works autonomously, it is equipped with an automatic book feeder.

By inserting the cover inside the Zagor, the machine turns over the converting material, following the corner radius and making the turned-up material adhere perfectly.

The Zagor is the ideal solution for medium to large runs thanks to its ease of use, reduced dimensions and quick set up.

Capital Equipment Solutions is proud to represent Zechini, an esteemed Italian manufacturer globally recognized for its innovative bookbinding and luxury packaging equipment. With over 65 years of experience, Zechini’s mastery caters to businesses with medium to low-run orders and special requests.

Zechini stands as a leader in Italy’s bookbinding machinery market and successfully exports 80% of its products to over 30 countries. Their equipment is designed with the highest standards of quality and innovation, ensuring their stature as a prime choice in both bookbinding and luxury packaging sectors worldwide.

At Capital Equipment Solutions, we are committed to offering you the best of Zechini’s impressive and versatile machine line, tailored to meet your specific business needs with exceptional precision and efficiency. 


ModelZagor Automatic Hardcover Corner Folding & Rounding Machine