Pitney Bowes (6) Station Flowmaster 1200 XL Mail Inserter

Pitney Bowes (6) Station Flowmaster 1200 XL Mail Inserter

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FlowMaster™ 12000 XL Inserting System for Direct Mail &Low-End Transaction Mail Letter & Flats Applications.


The 12000 XL builds on the unique engineering design of the FlowMaster 12000 to provide flexible, dual functionality, high speed, highly reliable inserting systems. The FlowMaster 12000 XL provides both letter and flats functionality in a single configuration. It can process #7 through 10” x 13” envelopes at operating speeds of up to 12,000 per hour, and also run in flats-mode at up to 8,000 cycles per hour. The machine has the ability to run consistently with minimal interruptions and limited down time due to features such as the high capacity envelope feeder, and the optimized operation that is gained from the continuous motion of the inserts. The FlowMaster12000 XL incorporates friction feeders with ‘Dynamic Rotation Technology’ to accurately feed material into the collator track, where at the end it is inserted into the envelope. Numerous “smart” features minimize set-up time, fault recovery time, and downtime including the intuitive touch screen operator interface.


Standard Features

• Paper Processing Technology – The FlowMaster 12000 XL is designed using highly optimized friction feed technology which provides high speed and high reliability in a consistent manner.

• Processing Speed – The FlowMaster 12000 XL is capable of consistently running at up to 12,000 cycles per hour in letters mode, and up to 8,000 cycles per hour in flats mode.

• Paper Inputs – This system will accept variable inserts, continuous form and/or cut form

• Envelope Size – Envelope sizes range from a #7 minimum to a 10”x 13”maximum

• Enclosure Capability – The 12000 XL will handle enclosure sizes from business cards up to 9”x 12” including Z-fold, open end, high gloss, CDs and other unusual shaped items.

• PLC  (Programmable Logic Controller) Operating System – This controller allows the system to intelligently combine inputs/outputs to perform complex jobs and adjusts the system to extreme environmental conditions.

• Feeders – Six integrated feeders are standard utilizing Dynamic Rotation Technology. This proven feeding method allows each insert to be stacked as high as 20”for minimized operator intervention.

• High Capacity Envelope Feeder System – The high capacity envelope feeder system is capable of being loaded with up to 3,500 envelopes at a time on the horizontal feed table. Actual capacity varies with type of envelope.

• Independent Feeder Set-Up Feature– Each feeder can be operated independently from the rest of the feeders for simple and efficient set-ups. Z-folds, open ended, high gloss, curled and odd shaped inserts can be fed from any of the feeders in collated order.

• Auto Station Backup Capability – This capability helps reduce stoppages by allowing multiple stations to pull the same insert for larger material capacity and continual cycling of “misses”. This enhances net throughput and increases productivity 25-35%.

• Fault Detect – Misfeed, out-of-paper, double feed and jam detection are all standard features.

• Batch Feeding  – Each enclosure feeder operates a batch mode, allowing multiple pieces to be fed from a single enclosure feeder within a cycle.

• Touch Screen Operator Interface – The touch screen operator interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Feeder misses, track jams and even open doors are all signaled to the operator by pictures and words, reducing fault recovery time.

• Sequential Start/Stop  – This timesaving function allows the machine to be turned on, and each feeder feeds in sequential order ensuring a full collation at start-up. Sequential stop turns each feeder off in order, stops the envelope feeder and turns the inserter off, eliminating the need to clear the track at the end of a job.

• PMA (Preventative Maintenance Alerts) – The system alerts the operator to three different levels of scheduled preventative maintenance. When the life cycle counter on the machine hits a predetermined level, an automatic message is sent to the operator, alerting them that a PMA is required. After maintenance is performed, the machine can store the PM history for recall purposes.

• Production Reports – Job statistics are tracked throughout the run providing a detailed production report. Machine uptime, downtime, total elapsed time, actual throughput, and all job anomalies can be reviewed at any time throughout the and sent to a local printer at the end of a job.

• High Speed Belt Turnover – The FlowMaster 12000 XL has an efficient continuous turnover device which turns the envelope from address down to address up for presentation to a postage meter, ink jet printer or to a conveyer.

• 9’High Capacity Output Conveyer – This high capacity conveyor allows a larger queue of finished product resulting in less operator intervention and quicker job finish time.

• Design and Construction – The FlowMaster has been designed to eliminate machine turbulence and backlash, thereby providing greater longevity to non-consumable parts. Machine maintenance is reduced by utilizing sealed bearings as opposed to soft bushings that require continual oiling. Each machine is assembled by trained experts ensuring that the highest quality standards are met.

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ManufacturerPitney Bowes
Model(6) Station Flowmaster 1200 XL Mail Inserter