2019 Kolbus NM 101– Groover

2019 Kolbus NM 101– Groover

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Grooving machine NM 101

For cutting grooves into board blanks for max. 65 components/minm.


  • Sturdy, versatile box components thanks to smooth grooving cuts, through to a minimal last board/paper layer, combined with precision, ultra-thin application of glue for lining and counter-lining.
  • Knife positioning device with digital indicator
  • Precise positioning up to 1/10 mm
  • Large format machine
  • 100% angled boxes, sharp edges and smooth groove surfaces


  • Angled grooving – the KOLBUS NM 101 grooving machine for board sections has been reengineered. 
  • It can now produce up to 65 components/min, adapted to the speed of the downstream casemaker. 
  • The special grooving knifes can be set to cut 90° – 130° angles.
  • Specially, grooving knifes are adjustable from the outside of the machine

Size range (width x height)

Size range (width x height)

Infeed with board feeder, model CF 600

min.: 5.51" x 3.94" (140 x 100 mm) | max.: 41.34" x 20.67" (1,050 x 525 mm)

Infeed with board feeder, model CF 700

min.: 5.51" x 3.94" (140 x 100 mm) | max.: 41.34" x 28.94" (1,050 x 735 mm)

double magazine for parallel processing of two board blanks

  1. blank max.: 17.91" x 17.91" (455 x 455 mm) max.: 22.83" x 12.99" (580 x 330 mm)
  2. blank dependent on the width of the 1st blank, max. < 9.84" in amount max.: 35.83" (250 mm) max.: 35.83" x 12.99" (910 mm)

Automatic infeed from the double magazine and separation of raw cardboards

  • Suitable for cardboard or slightly curved cardboard with punched corners
  • Swivel slides in alignment operation for precise alignment of the cardboards.

The swivel pushers are particularly recommended for smaller alignment edges, for example landscape format, large differences in the aspect ratio or corners that have been punched out beforehand.

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ModelNM 101– Groover