Europrogetti Flat Board Wrapper

Europrogetti Flat Board Wrapper

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Experience Europrogetti's advanced solution for flap board wrapping laminated products. This optional addition is adaptable with Europrogetti laminator or other manufacturers' lines.

Technical features:

Self-cleaning Teflon rolls

Rotating motions with belts

High-precision pressure setting

Possibility of pressure setting at operator’s choice

Easy and fast setting up

Additional exit belt for small and medium laminated cardboards

  • Turn in depth: Max. 18 mm.
  • Cardboard thickness for turn edge: Max. 5 mm.
  • Air Consumption 140 NL/min.

About Europrogetti: Established in 1990, Europrogetti set forth on a mission to design specialized machinery tailored for box makers and converting companies. What began with a focus on the footwear sector soon evolved, catering to diverse markets from perfumes and jewelry to mobile phones, eyewear, and beyond. Over the years, they've etched a reputation for crafting boxes of unique designs and varying sizes, marking them as the preferred choice for varied industry requirements.

Your North American Representative: Capital Equipment Solutions proudly stands as the North American representative for Europrogetti's esteemed product line. Recognized as the foremost experts in rigid box and converting equipment, we don't just bring you top-tier machinery but ensure an unmatched post-sales support experience. Entrust your equipment needs to us; we are the definitive go-to in the industry.


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