Zechini Bombardier 2 Automatic Casing-In Machine

Zechini Bombardier 2 Automatic Casing-In Machine

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Zechini's Bombardier 2 can combine board book blocks with various types of cases: hard cover, padded cases, paperboard covers and cases with windows. The special feature of this machine is that glue is applied onto the case and not on the book block as is customary. Dedicated software allows the glue to be applied by nozzles so that you don't need to make any dies or clean the gluye tank. Cases are forwarded open through the machine, the glue is applied by nozzles onto the cases and then book blocks are attached onto the cases. Thanks to its modular build, the machine offers cost-effective casing-in of books up to 1.34" (35 mm) thick.

The machine is composed of:

Cover Feeder

Feeder for:

  • Hard covers
  • Padded hard covers
  • Die cut covers on the inside
  • Soft covers

Gluing Unit

  • Cold glue application through nozzles directly onto the cover
  • Applicators with single adhesive quantity regulation
  • Adhesive taken directly from the tank
  • Automatic water cleaning system
  • Control software for selective gluing in dots and lines for every gun and for a high number of different combinations

Book Block Feeder

  • "Non-Stop" feeder
  • Board book block feeding for belt transmission
  • Book block positioning onto the first lid
  • Mechanic mounting with the cover

Casing-In System

  • Perfectly aligned positioning of the book block onto the first lid
  • Unit for the lifting of the second lid
  • Unit for the closing of the book block with second lid
  • Pre-pressing unit

Joint Forming Station

  • Joint forming timing regulation
  • Joint forming temperature regulation
  • Pressing timing regulation


  • Books stacking with copy selection

Capital Equipment Solutions is proud to represent Zechini, an esteemed Italian manufacturer globally recognized for its innovative bookbinding and luxury packaging equipment. With over 65 years of experience, Zechini’s mastery caters to businesses with medium to low-run orders and special requests.

Zechini stands as a leader in Italy’s bookbinding machinery market and successfully exports 80% of its products to over 30 countries. Their equipment is designed with the highest standards of quality and innovation, ensuring their stature as a prime choice in both bookbinding and luxury packaging sectors worldwide.

At Capital Equipment Solutions, we are committed to offering you the best of Zechini’s impressive and versatile machine line, tailored to meet your specific business needs with exceptional precision and efficiency. 


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