LASERMAX Tecnau LX535 Slit Merger Digital Printing Equipment


LASERMAX Tecnau LX535 Slit Merger Digital Printing Equipment


Enables flexible delivery options—1-up, 2-up, 3-up, slit merge, single sheet bypass

Easy changeover between slit merge and multiple-up jobs

Greater throughput—up to 450 ft/min

Compatible with lightweight papers

Flexible page formats

Standard features of the LASERMAX LX535 Slit Merge:

Automatic loading of webs

Dynamic center slit justification

Controlled web feeding

Physical Specifications:

Length: 20”

Width: 35”

Height: 54”

Weight: 375 lbs.

Power Specifications:


Web transport: Pinfed or pinless

Web width: Max 20.5″ (2×260 mm) (2×10.25″) – Min. 280 mm 11″ (2×140 mm) (2×5.5″)

Paperweight 55-200 gsm

Web Speed: 360 – 450 ft/min

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ModelTecnau LX535 Slit Merger