Cannon Oce VarioStream 7650


Cannon Oce VarioStream 7650


Océ VarioStream 7650 continuous feed printer with Tecnau / Lasermax Unwinder, Cutter, Slit/Merge, and Stacker. Specifications of each listed below.

LASERMAX LX550 Unwinder

The LASERMAX LX550 Unwinder feeds a roll of paper, up to 20.5” wide and 52” in diameter, into a printer or inserter at speeds up to 600 feet per minute. It is based on the print industry standard of a center-shaft drive mechanism making it the most accurate and reliable roll-feed system available. It uses a new CPU capable of remote diagnostics and enhanced error recovery.

• Quick loading and changing of rolls

• Center-shaft driven—no surface contact with forms

• Compatible with pressure sensitive labels

• Ability to feed directly into inserters

• Attractive ergonomic design

• Low profile—unobstructed view of operation

• Easy to use splice station

• No exposed “pinch points” for maximum safety

• Positive locking feature for airshaft—no operator adjustments

Standard features of the LASERMAX LX550 Unwinder

• LX500 Support System included in touch-screen display

• Internal triple loop

• New CPU

• UP3I compliance

• Increased speed—up to 600 ft/min

• Interactive touch-screen display

• Automatic end of roll detector

(2) Cannon Oce 7650 Print Engines

Printing Speed – 1,273 images/minute 291.9 feet/minute

Print Resolution – 240, 300, & 600 dpi data (auto-resolution) standard toner

Print Width – 18.25″ pinless 18″ pinfed paper

Form Width – 6

LX562 Cutter Specifications:

Speed Max – 450 ft/min 2.25 m/sec Simplex, Duplex

Print – Pinfed or pinless

Paper Weight – 11# bond–110# index 40–200 gsm (Testing mandatory for paper less than 55 gsm)

Roll Diameter – 4″–52″

Form Length – 3.5″–19.5″

Stack Height – Max. 10″

Offset – 0.6″

Output Options – 1-,2-,3-upwithoffset


LX535 Slit Merger:

Enables flexible delivery options—1-up, 2-up, 3-up, slit merge, single sheet bypass

Easy changeover between slit merge and multiple-up jobs

Greater throughput—up to 450 ft/min

Compatible with lightweight papers

Flexible page formats

Standard features of the LASERMAX LX535 Slit Merge:


Automatic loading of webs

Dynamic center slit justification

Controlled web feeding

Physical Specifications:


Length: 20”

Width: 35”

Height: 54”

Weight: 375 lbs.

Power Specifications:


Web transport: Pinfed or pinless

Web width: Max 20.5″ (2×260 mm) (2×10.25″) – Min. 280 mm 11″ (2×140 mm) (2×5.5″)

Paperweight 55-200 gsm

Web Speed: 360 – 450 ft/min


Lasermax LX566 STACKER


ModelOce VarioStream 7650