Zechini Roby 1800 Box XL Automatic Casemaker

Zechini Roby 1800 Box XL Automatic Casemaker

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Capital Equipment Solutions is proud to represent Zechini, an esteemed Italian manufacturer globally recognized for its innovative bookbinding and luxury packaging equipment. With over 65 years of experience, Zechini’s mastery caters to businesses with medium to low-run orders and special requests.

Zechini stands as a leader in Italy’s bookbinding machinery market and successfully exports 80% of its products to over 30 countries. Their equipment is designed with the highest standards of quality and innovation, ensuring their stature as a prime choice in both bookbinding and luxury packaging sectors worldwide.

At Capital Equipment Solutions, we are committed to offering you the best of Zechini’s impressive and versatile machine line, tailored to meet your specific business needs with exceptional precision and efficiency. 

Zechini Roby 1800 Box XL Automatic Casemaker Information:

Roby 1800 Box XL is an automatic casemaker that can be used to produce cases for luxury products such as top & bottom boxes, collapsible boxes, etc. Roby 1800 Box XL can perform from 1 to 5-piece covers; folding covers, lining-in partial or total; wings for collapsible boxes.

Sheet Feeder:

High pile automatic feeder

Rear material grip

Double feed control

Max size: 19" x 31" / 23.6" x 40.55" (48 x 80 / 60 x 103 cm)

Min size: 4.3" x 8" (11 x 20 cm)

Gluing Unit

Sheets are glued from the top with hot animal glue

Circulating glue pump


Quick and easy cleaning

Transport System

A suction belt ensures the safe transport of sheets to the mounting station and accurate alignment

Board Feeder

Max board size: 18" x 30" / 236" x 39" (45 x 76 / 600 x 100 cm)

Min board size: 4.3" x 8" (11 x 20 cm)

Max cardboard thickness: .12" (3 mm)

Min cardboard thickness: .04" (1 mm)

Max number of pieces: 6 standard

Min spine width (board): .4" (10 mm)


ModelRoby 1800 Box XL