Autobond Compact 74 TH - Factory Rebuilt!


Factory Rebuilt 2004 Autobond Compact 74 TH Serial# 0407137. Recently crated and available immediately.

Year Built: 2004, Rebuilt 2021, Shipped from factory 2022.

Model and options: Thermal, water heated laminator (T) with Heidelberg feeder (H)

Max sheet size: 74cm wide x 52cm long (29” x 20”)

Max speed: 60 m/min 29” x 20”

Min/Max Paper Weight: 115 gsm (80 lb text) to 650 gsm (24 pt)

Ideal Use: One side thin film OPP, digital, and half size offset work

Condition: Excellent, Factory Mechanically Rebuilt and Re-Sprayed 2021

Electrics: 3 phase 380-415 volt

PLC/Drives: Siemens

Feeder : A Heidelberg rising pile, back separation stream feeder driven by a servo motor. It is processor controlled, with a sophisticated encoder on the main AC drive motor to ensure accurate under-lap of the grip edge of the sheet at speed. The feeder is fitted with a mill skid plate, allowing a full pallet of print up to 1.2 m high to be loaded direct from the printing press.

Laminator : A single sided, sheet fed, thin film, thermal laminator of heavy-duty construction – with 30 mm steel side plates & 150 mm x 80 mm steel support beams. Film is mounted onto an airshaft with perforating & slitting mechanism, and film tension is controlled by pneumatic brake. There are two laminating rollers; a highly polished chrome roller and a rubber roller. Rollers are pneumatically adjustable up to 6 metric tonnes on the nip. The chrome roller is heated with a sophisticated 12 kW Swiss made TCU. Note – the required 7 bar 100 l/min air compressor for the laminator is not supplied by Autobond.

Sheeter : The Autobond sheeter is close-coupled to the laminator and runs in-line. Sheets deliver into a vibrating jogger table. Features include a digital sheet counter, an adjustable anti-curl bar, pneumatically adjustable in-feed hold rollers, and a pneumatic air clutch to give a constant tension


ModelCompact 74 TH