2005 Goss M600A (578mm) w/Autoplate


2005 Goss M600A (578mm) w/Autoplate


Configuration: 4-Unit,


JF-44 Folder Size: 578mm (22.750”) X 965mm (38”)

Vintage: 2005

**Impression Count 1,459,969,082

One (1) GOSS CONTIWEB infeed

FOUR (4) GOSS A24 White/Blanket Print Groups Autoplate Omnicolor

ONE (1) Baldwin IMPACT ABC automatic blanket washers

ONE (1) TECHNOTRANS Variofill CP ink levelers

ONE (1) Set of ink consumption meters TECHNOTRANS Calcu-Ink for 4 ink pumps

ONE (1) Set of 4 TECHNOTRANS ink pumps

ONE (1) Refrigeration technotrans delta c450 water solution and temperature control

With alcohol dispenser type COMBICONTROL With PH value indicator

ONE (1) BALDWIN GRAFOTEC M190 web Severer             

ONE (1) DRYER GOSS CONTIWEB model ECOTHERM 75-1020                        

ONE (1) Short version Module 'ribbon shifter' (JF-44 with short paper passage) (available only with the triangle nose in the direction of the flat outlet)

ONE (1) GOSS multi-combination JF44 folders - With double fold // and delta fold

ONE (1) Double parallel fold and delta fold

ONE (1) Continental Blower        

ONE (1) GRAFIKONTROL Color Register Control System Model CR20 for a 4/4 band                            

ONE (1) Longitudinal control system GRAFIKONTROL model CR20-TP For one web or two ribbons

ONE (1) PLANATOL OPIMATIC Softjet Fold Humidification System 200HV for one web (2 heads)

ONE (1) GOSS Siliconer                  

ONE (1) Main control (120 KW) for 4 groups 1 band


ONE (1) Empty desk for auxiliaire panels

ONE (1) 17" display for the ColorQuick GMI         

ONE (1) Electrical accompaniment with mounting            

ONE (1) Set of two GOSS Omnicolor color control panels

ONE(1) GMI ColorQuick closed-loop color spectral control system for one band

ONE (1) GMI software model "Spectral Reporting" for ColorQuick system for a tape

ONE (1) GMI Color Gamut Control for One Strip 

ONE (1) GMI Color Manager Computer, Display and Printer for SPC Reporting Option

1 Plate Bender & Punch


ModelM600A (578mm) w/Autoplate