2008 Gallus KM510S & FSM 510 - 20" 9 Color Servo Carton/Board Press


2008 Gallus KM510S & FSM 510 - 20" 9 Color Servo Carton/Board Press


Highly automated Flexo Press capable of producing finished cartons in 1 pass with in-line hot foil stamping, lamination, cold foil/cast & cure, rotary die cutting and embossing.

2008 (9) Color KM 510 S & FSM 510 Flexo Press

Max Output: 90-130m/min (295 - 496ft/min)

Max Web Width: 516mm (20 5/16")

Min Web Width: 254mm (10")

Max Roll Diameter: 1,520mm (60")

Max Printing Width: 510mm (20")

Max Repeat Length: 660.4mm (26")

Min Repeat Length: 304.8mm (12")

Repeat Length Increment: 6.35mm (1/4")

Gallus KM 510 S Servo Flexo Press

Gallus Roll Unwind Stand (12" Core, up to a 60" Diameter Roll)

Optional Martin Automatic Splicer for Continuous Production

Web Cleaning Device

Arcotec Corona Treater

Infeed Web De-Curling Unit

Constant Infeed & Outfeed Tension Control

Infeed Web Guide

(9) Print Stations (2 Reversible)

AVT Web Inspection System

BST Web Monitoring System

Web Break Detection

GEW UV System

ESTA Hot Air Drying System

Multi-Stream Hot Foil Stamping Unit

Lamination Unit

Waste Matrix Rewind Tower

Cold Foil/Cast & Cure Rewind Tower

In-Press Rotary Die Cutting/Embossing Station

Gallus FSM510 - 20" Flat Bed Die Cutter

Infeed Web De-Curling Unit

Windowing/Stripping Unit

Waste Matrix Crosscutting Unit

Belt Delivery


ModelKM510S & FSM 510