Gammerler SH080 Horizontal Log Stacker


Gammerler SH080 Horizontal Log Stacker


The Gämmerler SH080 creates well-aligned logs that easily feed through saddle stitchers and perfect binders. Synchronized joggers align the shingled stream as it moves through the infeed while a sensor-driven divert gate prevents misaligned products from entering the stacker. The open design allows a quick change of product formats and log lengths without the use of tools. Therefore the operation is very easy and secure.

Adjustable transport belts facilitate the gentle transport of various products during log building. Depending on the product the SH 080 is compatible with press speeds up to 100,000 copies per hour and is distinguished by its low space requirements.


  • Pneumatic pressing station with large pressing roller diameter
  • Automatic divert gate for misaligned copies
  • Synchronized infeed belts align the shingled stream
  • Transport belts for an accurate separation of the completed log from the in-process log
  • Proximity switch for fast log length changes
  • Integrated strapping unit
  • Large pivoted window guards for easy access and view
  • Laser counter