2002 Polar Mohr TR130EL-4 Transomat Unloader

No longer available

2002 Polar Mohr TR130EL-4 Transomat Unloader


Left Handed Unloader for Polar Cutting System

Maximum Sheet Size: 800 × 1,200 mm | 31.50 × 47.24 in

Minimum Sheet Size: 100 × 400 mm | 3.94 × 15.75 in

Maximum Pile Height: 1,300 mm | 51.18 in

The POLAR Transomat TR130-4 is predominantly used for offset class 70 × 100 | 40". The unloading Transomat makes it much easier to unload the high-speed cutter and optimizes the entire workflow. It is no longer necessary to take off the intermediate or finished products laboriously by hand, but they are simply pushed onto the transport pallet of the Transomat unit. It automatically deposits parted or complete reams on a pallet. Simultaneously, the operator can continue cutting, which improves the efficiency of the high-speed cutter substantially. With its patented movable pallet tip the POLAR Transomat can achieve perfectly aligned edges so that the material can be directly processed on the printing press or folding machine.  


ManufacturerPolar Mohr