Capital Equipment Solutions (CES) is proud to unveil its latest collaboration with Europrogetti srl, a leading force in the realm of rigid box and laminating equipment. This partnership embodies our shared vision of furnishing the North American market with advanced packaging solutions tailored to its unique demands.

Established in 1990, Europrogetti embarked on crafting specialized machinery, initially catering to the footwear industry. Their trajectory of growth saw them diversifying into sectors as varied as perfumes, mobile phones, eyewear, and beyond. Their commitment to adaptability and continuous innovation has garnered them esteem across European markets.

Spotting a burgeoning demand in the U.S. for superior box-making and converting solutions, CES found the perfect ally in Europrogetti. Given our profound expertise in the sales of both new and pre-owned packaging and converting equipment, this alliance promises a synergy set to deliver unparalleled value to the industry.

But our collaboration extends beyond merely introducing cutting-edge machinery to North America. With CES's esteemed reputation for all-inclusive turnkey service offerings meshing with Europrogetti's legacy of innovation, clients can anticipate a comprehensive, top-tier experience. It's more than just machinery; it's about setting a gold standard in after-sales support and industry knowledge.

Gazing into the future, this union underscores the evolving paradigm of the North American printing and packaging landscape. The convergence of CES and Europrogetti's strengths heralds a new era where terms like efficiency, quality, and innovation become the real, lived experience of businesses.

For forward-thinking companies, these are indeed exhilarating times. With the amalgamation of CES's robust offerings and Europrogetti's technological prowess, the industry is on the cusp of witnessing revolutionary advancements. Whether you're a business maven, an industry aficionado, or a curious observer, this partnership beckons your attention—it's poised to sculpt new benchmarks in the rigid box, packaging, converting, and print finishing domains.

If you're keen on delving deeper or understanding how this alliance can revamp your operational landscape, we're here and eager to converse. With Europrogetti alongside, the future at CES gleams with promise. Contact us today!